Industrial Store

eCommerce Solution for Industrial Parts


GE Energy customers order spare parts for heavy industrial equipments and they have difficult time using multiple web sites to order various parts. They have to go through multiple GE business site to look for parts. In addition rentals and returns are handled in different sites. As a result their workflow gets complicated and time consuimg.


Develop an eCommerce solution that streamlines workflows and provides a unified user experience for eCommerce across GE Industries.

My Role

Competitive Analysis, Wireframing in Balsamiq, Design Pattern Curation, Usability testing along with Researcher, Presenting the finding and recommendations to stakeholders.

Site Map

We redesigned the existing site to showcase the concept of the unified Industrial store. Highlights include home page dashboard for key user tasks such as search, track and manage, intelligent search feature, shopping cart management and multi step checkout flow and integrated cross transactions.


Selected wireframes that showcases the design patterns and interactions.

Final Design

Screenshots of the final design concepts after iterating on user feedback.