Field Service Application

Improving UX Quality and Mobile Integration


GE Integrated Compressor Line (ICL ) is a compressor solution for gas storage and pipeline applications. Field Service Engineers (FSE, also known as a Startup Engineers) commission the ICL. They primarily interact with the control software through HMIs (Human Machine Interface) that reside on the cabinets and through the programming tool for the control system.


Design and prototype a concept car user interface that enables a GE field service engineer to commission the ICL more efficiently and increase the overall quality and consistency of the user experience.

My Role

Research Participation, Storyboarding, Stakeholder Coordination (GE Oil & Gas Florence, GE Power Conversion Rugby, GRC Niskayuna,San Ramon) Wireframing in InDesign, Design Review and Collaboration with Engineering.


Our approach was to understand the needs and pain points of the user from on-site research visits.


FSEs are having to work with so many disparate systems that does not have consistency.
Interaction paradigms and user experience have remained static despite advances in technology and evolving user expectations.
FSEs work in teams and yet they do not leverage the latest advances in collaboration and Mobile technology.

Based on the findings, we envisioned and created this storyboard to showcase the tasks of a Field engineer and opportunities for new technologies that can be incorporated to improve the UX. This was received extremely well by our stakeholders and leadership teams.


Wireframes & Taskflows

Our focus for the concept car includes a scenario based on the task analysis of FSE's work. We used the GE Predix Reader (Mobile Platform) and Industrial Internet Design System (IIDS) to design the various screens to achieve a consistent and seamless cross screen experience with state of the art of UX. Illustrated below is the flow of cross screen experience.

Design Guidelines

We created detailed design guidelines for the HMI considering safety and FSE experience in mind.

Final Design

Mobile Screens

HMI Cabinet Screens


This was demonstrated at the GE Software Technology Conference and served as the reference design for Controls HMI. Several customers have shown keen interest to upgrade their UX to the new standards.