Seastream Insight

Monitoring and Analytics Application


GE Marine wanted to provide their marine operators and analyst with insightful data driven analytics that empowers them to make quick decisions and improve operational efficiency and reduced downtime.


Critical data, relating to the condition of individual components, is collected from multiple existing networks across the vessel. This data is then processed and translated into clear, insightful information to give the drilling contractor total situational awareness.

My Role

Interaction Design and Prototyping in Code for the Analysis section.


Our approach was to first interview analyst to understand their analysis needs and review the data. Based on that we came up with 2 approaches. First scenario was to visualize the data as an overlay chart so that they can understand where problem originated and what was the subsequent impact. Second scenario was to visualize the data in a stcked fashion to understand what happened at the particulat point in time. For both scenarios I used Highcharts to create data visualization and live demo in code won customer confidence and validation.

Final Prototype

Check out the final code prototype below to see it in action!

Single Overlay Chart

Synchronous Stacked Chart


This was demonstrated at the Offshore Technology Conference and was well received by customers.